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Do today what your spine will thank you for tomorrow.

While reading this text, you probably maintain an incorrect posture. Raise your head, put it in a natural position, straighten your back, move the screen away from your eyes and keep reading!


What is Tech Neck?

Tech Neck is the unnatural body position we adopt when looking at a smartphone, tablet or laptop screen. The head and neck are placed firmly forward. The chin is tilted toward the sternum, our shoulders close the chest.

Unconsciously holding the body in this position, is a huge strain on the spine, especially in the neck region.

Tech Neck is the cause of, among other things:

  • headache

  • back muscle and spine pain

  • concentration problems

  • neck stiffness

  • chronic fatigue

Girache is based on
a holistic approach
to health.

It's a concept consisting of the GirApp and the Girache device that teaches how to build healthy habits. At Girache, we believe in everyone's inner potential, the power of habits and new technologies.

Regain your digital balance with healthy habits.

Keep your head up!

It is important for us to raise public awareness of harmful behaviors toward the backbone, which with a little effort can be changed, and the results will be felt faster than we think. Small steps create big results.

With Girache, you will build correct posture habits and gain:

  • pain relief without medication

  • improved well-being

  • figure correction - beautiful appearance

  • improvement in concentration

  • greater self-confidence

Girache device

This is the first system on the market, based on a proprietary algorithm set of sensors enclosed in a 3 cm device, daily standing guard for a healthy spine.

Head angle

The Girache device recognizes in real time the angle of our head while using
a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Takes care of correct position

When the user maintains an incorrect body position for too long, the device starts vibrating, thus reminding us to correct our position.

Advanced algorithm

The algorithm used in the Girache device collects data, analyzes it and produces a report so that we can build a healthy relationship with technology and start taking care of our health.

Girache device for monitoring and correction of the cervical spine.

Do you want to be the first Girache user?


What you get with the device:

Relieve neck and sholder pain

No medication

Reduce Tech Neck

No expensive therapy

Reduce headaches

Improve sleep quality

A posture monitoring app
with active correction.

Keep your head up!

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What will you find in the application?

Okno aplikacji GirAPP - tworzenie planu treningowego

Individual training plans

Plan your individual goal matched to your abilities, lifestyle and time. Train healthy habits in harmony with your body.
Okno aplikacji GirAPP - monitoring postawy

Posture monitoring

Track your daily progress. Compare results, schedule breaks and stay on track with your goal. Check reports and statistics.
Okno aplikacji GirAPP - ćwiczenia


Short exercises for the body and mind. Exercise daily, breathe and perform daily self-massage. Check, prepared suggestions and choose the best one for yourself.
Okno aplikacji GirAPP - dziennik samopoczucia

Wellbeing diary

Habit is built every day, to strengthen it note the actions and your mood. See if Girache works.

Take the challenge and build healthy habits with Girache.

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